iPhone / iPad Application

Attractive UI integration
based on iOS 7 standard
Implementing UIKit that provides the basic tools and infrastructure to implement graphical, event-driven apps in iOS.

Push notifications
Enables the user to get customized reminder messages via push notifications in real time, no matter whether the device is active or inactive.

In-app Purchase
Feature that allows user to purchase Add-ons, rewards, upgrades etc., conveniently via itunes in Iphone app.

REST API Integration
External API integration in Iphone app enables third party service available to the user over the customized Iphone app.

iAd Integration
Embed iAd rich media ads into your app that allow users to interact with advertising and thus promote and earn revenue from app.

Online / Offline data sync
The caching & online / offline data sync features enables apps to function seamlessly without network connectivity. When the network connection is restored to the device, locally changed data sync with their servers automatically.

Iphone Apps development in Various Categories
- Location based applications
- Mobile Commerce application
- Enterprise application
- Photo sharing applications
- Instant Messaging application
- Admob & iAd applications
- Audio & Video streaming apps
- Digital publishing services
- Event management apps
- Social Networking application
- News based application
- More apps